When I was young,¬†I liked to draw…a lot

But at some point
During my school days
I stopped

I imagined I wanted to be a businessman and went to  Business School

And then I thought I’d be a laywer – so I I went to Law School

I got married!

And Then I started drawing again… a lot

I became a Graphic Designer
We had a couple of kids

we moved to Maine

We had another Kid

I started my own marketing agency

15 years later we moved to Tacoma, Washington
We acquired another kid

I became Creative Director at the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber

And I kept drawing

I gave talks to other chambers about the basics and importance of design and taught a couple of High-school design classes

I’m still the Creative Director at the Chamber, I design for my own clients, I illustrate on commission, and I still draw a lot… just for myself

And every once in a while
I take the dog for a walk

Jeff Soifer Illustration & Design
(207) 240-1306