About Jeff


Jeff didn’t let his degrees in business and law get in the way of his true passion — art. Upon graduating from law school and passing the bar, he secured a job at a gift store painting designs on children’s furniture. Although not quite the art he imagined himself doing, Jeff was happy to be painting.

In his spare time, he taught himself computer programs and the fundamentals of design and was hired as a design assistant at a large publishing house outside of DC. That job led to a design position at a boutique creative agency where he quickly worked his way up to senior designer before leaving DC for the woods of Maine.

There, Jeff opened his own marketing firm, Encompass Marketing and Design. His partner handled the strategy side of the business; Jeff handled the creative side. Encompass purposely stayed small and streamlined in order to better serve the many non-profit organizations who made up the bulk of its client base. They soon developed a reputation for high-quality, fun, creative thinking and clients appreciated the professionalism, collaboration and attention to detail they found when working with Jeff and his colleagues.

After fourteen years in business at Encompass, Jeff and his family of 5, left Maine for the beautiful shores of Puget Sound. Jeff still works with many of his clients back in Maine and is happily expanding his design and illustration practice to include clients in his new Pacific Northwest home of Tacoma.

Feel free to browse through the creative samples included in this website. Or, better yet, give Jeff a call at 207-240-1306 and find out how he can help you with your creative projects.